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Conditions ยป Exercises

Suppose we want to sell pool tickets at different prices depending on age. Here are the criteria:

  • children under 6: free
  • persons aged 6 to 17 inclusive: $4
  • adults up to 59 years of age inclusive: $8
  • people from 60 years of age: $6

We will use a else if construct to check the following conditions:

#include <iostream>

int main()
std::cout << "SWIMMING POOL - TICKETS\n";
std::cout << "Please enter your year of birth: ";

int age;
std::cin >> age;

if (age < 6)
std::cout << "You can enter for free";
else if (age <= 17)
std::cout << "Ticket price: $4";
else if (age <= 59)
std::cout << "Ticket price: $8";
std::cout << "Ticket price: $6";

Meeting the condition in any one of ifs (including else ifs) interrupts a further checking of next else if statements.


Neither else if, nor else is even taken into account when one of the previous ifs or else ifs condition in the chain was evaluated to true.