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Folder structure

Source code

The site source code, that is edited by programmers is located inside src/ directory. It contains pages and useful components that we can later use in articles, docs, etc.

Site docs

Every doc, article and course lesson is located inside content/ subdirectory. Those are original articles, written in English. They should be treated as a reference when creating translations.

If you want to create a doc in other language, you'll have to provide an english version of it. Don't worry, we will help you with that when you'll create a pull request.

Blog posts

Every blog post is located inside content/blog/ subdirectory. Adding blog posts is restricted. Only site maintainer is allowed to create blog posts.

Translated docs

There is i18n subdirectory (i18n - internationalization). Inside that, there's a folder for each locale.

Right now we support the following locales:

  • en - English language
    Note: this directory contains only a localized version of template Markdown files (that can be later reused, imported across other MDX documents).
  • pl - Polish language

Each language has the following folders inside (each prefixed with: docusaurus-plugin-content-docs-)

  • blog - translated blog posts
  • docs - translated C++ docs that reflect the /content/docs/ folder.
  • community - translated C++ feature docs that reflect the /content/community/ folder
  • learn - translated C++ course docs that reflect the /content/learn/ folder
  • tools - translated C++ tool docs that reflect the /content/tools/ folder
  • contributing - translated docs that reflect the /content/contributing/ folder
  • presets - translated versions of preset Markdown files, that can be later reused in other Markdown documents.