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Initial setup


Simple changes, like fixing typos can be done directly in the GitHub file editor. However, for more significant changes, it is necessary to fork the repository and work on it locally on your computer. This way, you will be able to preview the changes in real-time before submitting them. It allows you to make sure that your contributions align with the goals and formatting of the project.

Creating your local copy of the site

Make sure that you have Node.js installed.

Once you've forked and cloned the repo, run following commands:

🔹 Performing a clean install
npm ci

To start a site in the default locale (English):

npm start

To start a site in an other locale, for example Polish (notice the double dash in between):

npm start -- --locale pl

Visual Studio Code setup

If you use VS Code, copy the folder named .vscode-template and rename it to .vscode. It contains useful snippets and a configuration for an addon, that you might want to use:

Explorer exclude