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Paweł Syska

Rocket launch

std::cout << "Hello, World!";

Welcome to the new C++ Programming Language Website:!


I think C++ deserves its own all-in-one website that should contain most recent and valuable information for both beginners and advanced programmers.


My goal is to provide:

  • tutorials that are as easy to understand for beginners as it is possible but teach a modern and proper way to use C++.
  • documentation with examples that is easy to read but contain most recent and correct information about C++ language, its standard library and possibly other libraries too
  • tools knowledge base with tutorials
  • community list of popular C++ community groups, blogs, etc.


Help is needed. Regardless of my willingness I can't do everything by myself. If you think that this project is worth your time and you're able to help, please consider creating a pull request with your work.


The number one rule is to create content easy to understand. Try to put yourself in the place of a person that just started programming or doesn't even know yet what programming is about.

Please read our Contributing Guide

Kind regards,
Paweł Syska.