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Discord servers​

C++ Language (this link is an invite)
CppLangNet's offical discord server. Focuses on CppLangNet development and C++.

#include <C++> is a global, inclusive, and diverse community for developers interested in C++. Here, you can find a welcoming space to learn and discuss C++. We also provide resources to create safer, more inclusive, community gatherings. (description taken from the website)

Together C & C++ (this link is an invite)
Server focused around C and C++ and CS/IT.

LLVM (this link is an invite)
LLVM's official discord server. Focused on LLVM tooling (compilers, debuggers, linters, etc.) and C++.

Better C++ (this link is an invite)
A discord server based around (mostly) C++ programming with some C and other languages sprinkled around. We like Rust but C++ is our main focus. Just come and look around. (description taken from Discadia)

Reddit subreddits​

Discussions, articles and news about the C++ programming language or programming in C++. (description taken from the subreddit's description)

A subreddit for C++ questions and answers. (description taken from the subreddit's description)

A place to discuss or ask questions relating to the LLVM Compiler Infrastructure. (description taken from the subreddit's description)


Modernes C++ (about)
Rainer Grimm's blog about C++. Contains a lot of in-depth informative content about new standards, standard library elements, idoms and good practices.

Fluent C++ (about)
Jonathan Boccara's C++ blog. Focuses on instructing C++ developers how to write well constructed, expressive code.

Arthur O'Dwyer's Quuxplusone (about)
"I started this blog in March 2018 so that I’d have a place to dump short essays on C++ topics. I might occasionally say things that aren’t about C++, too.". (description taken from blog's about me)

Eric Niebler's blog (about)
Blog on different C++ and CS topics (including ranges and cocurrency).

Youtube channels​

CppCon (website)
Saves from the CppCon conference C++ talks.

CppNow (website)
Saves from the CppNow conference C++ talks.

CppOnSea (website)
Saves from the CppOnSea conference C++ talks.

Cᐩᐩ Weekly With Jason Turner
Weekly videos about different C++ topics.

General IT/CS​


Most of the communities above are also to more general CS/IT topics.

Discord servers:​

The Programmer's Hangout (this link is an invite) (website)
The Programmer's Hangout (TPH) is a discord community geared towards programming. The use of the word "geared" here is important because more accurately it's a discord for programmers of all kinds. If you're a green noob with 5 lines of code under your belt, or if you're a veteran with 15 years of industry experience, TPH has a place for you. More than that, there are over 90,000 people here. You can guarantee you won't be the only person with your experience level on the server. (description taken from blog's about me)

CS Army (this link is an invite) (website)
Computer Science discord.

Reddit subreddits​

A subreddit for all questions related to programming in any language. (description taken from the subreddit's description)

Computer Science Theory and Application. We share and discuss any content that computer scientists find interesting. People from all walks of life welcome, including hackers, hobbyists, professionals, and academics. (description taken from the subreddit's description)


Bob Nystrom's blog
Hi! I'm Bob Nystrom, the one on the left. I wrote Game Programming Patterns and Crafting Interpreters. (description taken from the page)

The Pasture
General CS content, related to programming languages. See the about.

Youtube channels​

Covering topics and trends in large-scale system design, from the authors of the best-selling System Design Interview book series. This channel is managed by Alex Xu and Sahn Lam. (description taken from the channel's description)

CodeOpinion (website)
CodeOpinion is by Derek Comartin, a software developer with over two decades of professional software development experience.
He's written software for a variety of business domains such as distribution, transportation, manufacturing, and accounting.
Derek has a very active blog @, that focuses on Software Architecture & Design, Messaging, CQRS, Event Sourcing and HTTP APIs. (description taken from the channel's description)

Context Free is about programming languages, including design, usage, implementation, and history. (description taken from the channel's description)

This channel is all about computer programming topics. (description taken from the channel's description)

Live programming as a form of art. Niche entertainment from hardware I grew with (NES, PC, AdLib). Inspiration for information scientists. C++ and programming tutorials. Introductions to various technology. Video game science, or just playing casually. (description taken from the channel's description)